Hi Ho, and How do you do??  So, If you are here you must have seen a post or a tweet or something interesting that made you come looking around.  Well awesome!!  I want you to come around.

Wait till you see what Dharma’s Dreamland has in store for you.  First, and formost this is a place of serenity.  A place of fun, friends, sharing caring, and pages to touch on the thoughts of the day.  I am placing a form on this page so my friends/audience can make suggestions, ask questions, submit stories.

You will find all kinds of things to do here from stories, videos, photos, websharing and shopping too.  So much to look forward to.

There is so much to do and only one way to begin.  So this my dears is the beginning of an adventure.

I hope you will check back often and I hope you will share your thoughts, photos and ideas.  Something for everyone coming soon!!

See you in Dreamland!